Computer Vision

The Monk Object Detection Library is a low code library to perform object detection very easily and efficiently.

About the project:

Brackish water creatures as fish, crabs, prawns are consumed by people all over the world. Fishermen fishing on these creatures tend to over-fish creating concern over marine biologists and scientists. As many marine creatures are becoming endangered.But what if we had a detector, that could detect these creatures. That would…

Deep Learning, Programming

In this article, we will build a web-app trained on the SRCNN model.

On giving an image as input, it reconstructs a higher resolution image of the same. I made this app, as my pilot task for Tessellate coding. The task included finding a suitable model, making the inference algorithm, wrapping it in a REST API, and finally dockerizing the application.

For the…

Ever felt that you want to use API search results in your website or web app, yet thought that its to cumbersome to use it.

Using Jquery, you can do it in a snap.Irrespective of the framework you use, React, Angular or pure Vanilla.

Make the basic structure :

You just need this much.


Making an image editor,does not require knowledge of heavy libraries or pixel manipulation.Its very easy to do,using Caman.js and simple CSS and HTML.

Getting Caman.js library:

Run these commands in your Terminal.

npm (NodeJS): npm install caman

bower (Browser):bower install caman

Or get cdn link from:

Setting the UI:

You can design the UI as…

Aanisha Bhattacharyya

Deep Learning enthusiast | Adobe WIT Scholar'21

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